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Reagan Week – “No Better Fairwell!”

February 11, 2011

Well ….. Reagan Week has been a great adventure for the Camden County GOP and for me personally. 

I have truly enjoyed watching numerous Reagan videos and deciding which are my favorite.  The decisions of which videos to feature were not easy.  I had to watch many videos several times to figure out which were worthy of being the “best”.  I have no regrets in the decision or the amount of time spent re-living history. 

For me Ronald Reagan is why I have always been a Republican.  I turned 18 years old when I was a senior in High School in Cherry Hill. I remember  there was a civics group in the school lobby  encouraging 18 year olds to register to vote.  They encouraged me to register to vote and I did.  This is when the fun part began. 

They asked me to declare party affiliation.  The volunteer at the registration desk said, “Are you a Democrat or a Republican?”  The Decision was easy. I loved our president so I was defiantly a Republican.

Truth be told I still had vivid memories of being a young child in the late seventies of waiting on-line to buy gas for the family station wagon with my mother.  We would wait for our day (odd or even) and then wait in line for hours to get a tank full of gas.  I knew that was no way to live and I knew I did not like Jimmy Carter.  Simply put I was not a Democrat.

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Reagan Week – “….Tear Down This Wall”

February 10, 2011

Here is an unforgetable moment in American history. 

Ronald Regan challenging “Mr. Gorbachev” to “tear down” the Berlin Wall.  Below is a video clip of the famous speech at the Berlin Wall.

The speech was truly memorable but almost as memorable was the actual fall of this symbol of Soviet strength. 

Who can forget watching the news the day the Berlin Wall was toppled?  Below is Peter Jennings report on the event.

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Reagan Week – “There You Go Again”

February 9, 2011

Ronald Reagan had many quotable moments in his career.  The 1980 presidential debate with Jimmy Carter gave us the memorable “… there you go again.”  The video is below.  What is most interesting is Jimmy Caters view on health care in America.  Take a moment to carefully listen to President Carter’s statement before the famous quote.  What Jimmy Carter was advocating was “Obamacare” 30 years before its time.

Ronald Regan knew then what the american people now know, universal health care is the best way to destroy jobs and ruin the american way of life.

Reagan Week – “Big Government”

February 8, 2011

In New Jersey we have fallen in love with our tough talking Governor who is crusading to cut the size of government.  A quick internet search turns up scores of Chris Christie videos with our Governor talking about the bloated size of the State government.

The video below could be Chris Christie’s inspiration to take on public unions.  Enjoy the vintage clip of Ronald Regan and his view of  our county’s big government.

Reagan Week – “We the People”

February 7, 2011

Here is the next instalment for Reagan Week. 

President Reagan on “We the People”

ICYMI here are the past Reagan Week Posts:

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Reagan Week – “Remembering Reagan”

February 6, 2011

Remembering Ronald Reagan

By Adam Davidson

Mr. Davidson is the Lindenwold Municipal Chairman and the former Executive Director of the Camden County Republican Party.


Ronald W. Reagan


100 years today the world was made a little brighter with the birth of Ronald Wilson Reagan.  It has been more than two decades since he left office, but he has never left the hearts and minds of millions of Americans.  During the 2008 presidential primary campaign Republican candidates constantly compared themselves to President Reagan, and there were public debates about what “Reaganness” truly is.  Even Barack H. Obama, Reagan’s polar opposite on many fundamental issues, has drawn parallels between himself and the 40th president, a testament to Ronald Reagan’s enduring popularity.  In the seven years since The Gipper’s left this Earth, and the fifteen years since his fade from public view as he succumbed to Alzheimer’s Disease, many Republicans have considered the challenges our great nation has faced and they have asked themselves, ‘what would Reagan do (WWRD)?’  If there is one thing that Ronald Reagan’s legacy teaches us, it is that we as a nation can overcome tremendous challenges as long as we are willing to do the hard work that is necessary, and remain optimistic, resolute, and proud of what makes America exceptional.

During his two terms in office Ronald Reagan met with extraordinary adversity.  Just weeks after his inauguration, he was shot in the chest by John Hinckley in an assassination attempt.  After a graceful recovery, which bolstered the nation’s confidence in its new president, Reagan was ready to start tackling the major issues of the day.  At home our nation was suffering through an unprecedented period of rising inflation, high unemployment, and spiking oil prices.  By instituting sound economic policy including lower taxes, Reagan steered America back towards prosperity.  Abroad the Cold War was raging, and many believed there was no end in sight.  But Ronald Reagan saw things differently.  His vision was one of “peace through strength,” and he always remembered what makes America strong: limited government, individual liberty, the free market, and the opportunity for every American to make a better life for himself as long as he is willing to work for it.  He knew that if the focus remained on the strength of the United States, the Communists could never keep up.  History has proved that Reagan was right; the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991.

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Reagan Week – “Super Bowl XLV Tribute”

February 6, 2011

Here is a Super Bowl – Reagan Tribute Video.

A fun look at the “gippers” love of the game.