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Welcome to the Machine: Special Interests & Party Bosses Abound in GT Transition

November 26, 2009

Dave Mayer has admitted that he will not serve as a full-time Mayor of Gloucester.  From today’s Courier Post:

Mayer also insisted he would be in his office every business day, despite also keeping his full-time position as a lobbyist for Comcast Cable.

“We are going to manage this town very effectively,” he said. “I’m going to be a hands-on and accessible mayor.”

What Mayer has not told the public (while supposedly scrutinizing GT budgeting and accounting efficiency) is whether or not he will forgo the full-time Mayor’s salary.

With the loss of Cindy Rau-Hatton, Gloucester loses a dedicated, non-partisan public  servant in exchange for an unappologetic special interest mouthpiece and Norcross pawn.

Despite his insistence in the article that he is an independent person when it comes to his elected positions, lest we forget the Philadelphia Magazine article that bluntly and accurately states, “You’re either part of his machine, or you get crushed by it.”

From the CP, “Mayer’s ticket outspent Rau-Hatton’s at least $157,000 to $21,000.”  Cindy got crushed by it.  On whose side does that leave the Mayer team?


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