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Runyan Hosts First Political Press Call

December 18, 2009

As I discussed previously, former Philadelphia Eagle (current Charger) and Mt. Laurel resident Jon Runyan was among the first to express interest in taking back John Adler’s 3rd Congressional seat for the GOP.  Since his initial interest, some have challenged his commitment to the race.  It appears he is taking it upon himself to directly set the record straight.

Today, Runyan opened up to members of the press and spoke about his intentions, and more specifically, issues and sounded very much like a fiscal conservative.

The Press of AC recapped this morning’s teleconference.

Runyan said the federal government is spending money irresponsibly on economic stimulus efforts that are not creating enough jobs. He criticized Democrats’ health care reform efforts and said recent congressional moves will create too many rules and restrictions on individuals. Runyan said the government should be cutting taxes instead to give people more freedom with their own money.

“I really believe it’s not going in a positive direction right now.  We’re spending all sorts of money that we really don’t have right now.  Everything’s going to be controlled by the government.  That’s not what we need.”

He also accurately pointed out Adler’s blatant about face in Washington:

Runyan said he felt Adler was disingenuously tacking to the right on some votes because his district is more conservative than Adler’s liberal record in the state senate would reflect. He characterized Adler as trying to “save his political career.”

“He voted down the health care bill, and he also voted down the Republican option,” Runyan said. “Is he totally against health care?”

Recent polls point out
that the Congressman should be worried.

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  1. January 4, 2010 12:33 pm

    I am excited to know that John Runyon is running for political office. Being a ‘retired’ elected sheriff from Gloucester County, I look forward to aiding and assisting John in his endeavor. I am still involved in the Gloucester County GOP, and Woodbury GOP. I am active in the elections of the County and local candidates. We are moving forward in the right direction. With “Big John” on board the future looks very promising. I have searched the internet for information concerning “Runyon for Congress”, to no avail. I would like to contact John and offer him my support for a successful campaign and victory. Please respond to my request, because things need to change for the right causes. Thank You- Chuck Gill (retired Sheriff)

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