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NJGOP Chairman Jay Webber: “Adler is an anomaly and it’s one we’re going to correct next year.”

December 21, 2009

The Courier Post ran a story today noting the GOP establishment’s uncertainty of whom it will be supporting in CD3.  This comes in light of Ocean GOP Chairman George Gilmore, Burlington GOP Chairman Bill Layton and my pledge to avoid another costly primary in the District like we saw between Chris Myers and Jack Kelly in 2008.

While the there may not yet be a clear-cut GOP candidate, what Jon Runyan’s announcement has done is amplify what many already knew – John Adler is on the defensive and clearly one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the country.

As the article points out:

Adler won his seat narrowly, 51 percent to 48 percent, the same year President Obama swept to an historic victory. Adler is in his first term and isn’t well known outside of the district, which leaves him without the usual advantages of incumbency.

This may be one of the reasons you see Adler making a hard-turn right and openly flaunting his uncharacteristically conservative votes.

The CP article notes that “Adler surprised his party with his decision to oppose the Democrats’ health care legislation, citing insufficient cost controls,” and quotes his spokesperson as saying:

“Since taking office in January, he has carefully analyzed each vote and issue, and continues to be an independent-minded representative. Congressman Adler is consistently fighting to turn our local economy around, create jobs in New Jersey, and prevent excessive government spending in Washington.”

Don’t be fooled by his election-protection actions. If they prove anything, it’s that John Adler isn’t even honest and true to himself, nonetheless New Jersey and the country.

As typical a career Trenton politician, Adler raised taxes 43 times since 2002 to the tune of $11 billion, clearly adding to the fiscal mess our state now sees itself in.

Time and time again when it came to turning “our local economy around, creating jobs in New Jersey, and preventing excessive government spending,” John Adler failed the South Jersey residents he was elected to serve. His recent votes, while seemingly on the “right” side of the issues, are a vain attempt to save his own hide.

A tiger never loses his stripes.

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