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Camden Legislators Earn Abysmal 11% Taxpayer Score

December 29, 2009

Just before Christmas, Americans for Prosperity released their 2008-09 Scorecard that “rates the performance of New Jersey’s 120 legislators on votes critical to taxpayers.”

Among the 13 legislators representing Camden County in Trenton during that period, only Republican Diane Allen was awarded a passing grade. The rest earned an average grade of 7%.

The Scorecard focuses on 49 bills introduced during the two year assembly session that effect taxes and businesses in the most over taxed state in America.

It is our contention that the bills scored will either lead to higher taxes, increased government regulations, or add to the state’s mountain of debt. These bills are destructive to the prosperity of businesses of all sizes within the state, and will result in more hard earned money taken by government from the people of New Jersey. Fundamentally, each “Yes” vote for these bills were for a bigger, more intrusive government.

District Party Taxpayer Score
Allen, Diane Senate 7 R 68%
Moriarty, Paul D. Assembly 4 D 15%
*Adler, John H. Senate 6 D 14%
Redd, Dana L. Senate 5 D 9%
Cruz-Perez, Nilsa Assembly 5 D 8%
Love, Sandra Assembly 4 D 6%
Conaway, Herb Assembly 7 D 6%
Madden, Jr., Fred H. Senate 4 D 5%
Roberts, Joseph J. Assembly 5 D 4%
Lampitt, Pamela R. Assembly 6 D 4%
Greenwald, Louis D. Assembly 6 D 4%
Conners, Jack Assembly 7 D 4%
*Beach, James Senate 6 D 3%

You can see the complete Scorecard by clicking here.

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