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Will the Real Dana Redd Please Stand UP? She will and SOON!

January 2, 2010

Camden's Dana Redd / photo: Michael S. Wirtz,

Dana Redd Camden City’s newest mayor will be tested this year.  The real test will not be whether she can clean up the city streets or regain control of the city from state oversight.  The real test is whether she will put the interests of the Camden County Democrat party in front of the needs of Camden and the people of Camden.

According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Newark Mayor, Cory Booker, said, “… she’s always shown me that her priority and her focus is Camden and the people of Camden.”

However, the article also states:

“Redd said she could not immediately think of a time when she opposed a party-supported idea.”

The people of Camden County will soon find out where the loyalties of Redd lie.

It is no secret the Camden County Freeholders have a controversial plan to privatize the county jail.  A private jail company has proposed building a new prison on Mount Ephraim Avenue, in the City of Camden. Redd is adamantly opposed to putting the jail on Mount Ephraim Avenue, … and would “prefer not to have it in Camden” at all.

Seems like we have a showdown between Mayor Redd and the County Freeholders.  Many questions are still unanswered.

Do we need to privatize the county jail?

Will privatization save money?

If Redd prevails and the new prison is not in Camden then where in Camden County  will it be?

Let’s see how this turns out.


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