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Monetizing is Bad…Very Bad: Just Ask Corzine.

January 6, 2010

Government monetizing of public assets is a bad idea and everyone including soon to be former Governor Corzine knows it.  You may remember Corzine tried to sell New Jersey’s toll roads and the revenue that went with it.  Many believe the 800% toll increase that came with the proposed sale of the toll roads was the beginning of the end for Jon Corzine.

The Camden County Freeholders are trying a Corzine-like  monetization scheme in Camden County.  The County Freeholders want to pay a private investor to operate the county’s jail.  The investor would build the jail in Camden county and start collecting tax payer dollars to operate the facility.  The irony is they are tearing down a jail that is already built in Camden.  Here is Fox 29’s Steve Keeley covering the story:

Click for Video - Fox Philly: Demolition Of Riverfront Prison Begins (12/16/09)

Camden Mayor Dana Redd is seen in the news clip above praising the demolition of the prison.  What you do not hear her saying is where the new jail should be located.  Redd is on record saying the new jail should not be in Camden. When is anyone going to tell us where the new jail is going to be located?  Freeholders we are waiting…

At the most recent meeting of the Camden Zoning Board more than 300 people  appeared to oppose a planned private jail for Camden County. However, shortly after the mass of concerned citizens appeared the zoning board informed those in attendance that “Education and Health Centers of America Inc., requested a delay so they could study the issue”.   The request for a delay did not stop attorney Stuart Alterman from addressing the zoning board and raising issues on behalf of correctional officers and residents of Morgan Village.

Attorney Stuart Alterman

Hopefully, Stuart can get some answers.  Lets try to figure out where this new jail will be located and just how much it will cost the tax payers in Camden County.  Is there any hope the county Freeholders give any answers at their next meeting?  Stay tuned……

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