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Domenick DiCicco is Now an Assemblyman

January 12, 2010

While much media attention is focused on Governor-elect Christie’s January 19th swearing in ceremony, New Jersey took a large step toward better government when Domenick DiCicco was sworn in as a New Jersey Assemblyman today.  This past November Assemblyman DiCicco was the only person to win an Assembly seat from the opposing party.  He is a much-needed Republican voice for South Jersey in the New Jersey Legislature.

At noon today Domenick was formally sworn into New Jersey’s Assembly by Assembly Speaker Shelia Oliver.

Assemblyman DiCicco will soon be opening up an office in the district and announcing his team. will present an exclusive interview with him to discuss his legislative and community focus in both the 4th District and in Trenton.

Below are a handful of photos from today’s inauguration.

Congratulations, Domenick!

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  1. Stepfanie Gentry permalink
    January 12, 2010 5:23 pm

    Congrats Domenick 🙂

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