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Among Mayor Mayer’s First Orders of Business is to Shut Out Public, Contradict Himself

January 13, 2010

In his message to Gloucester Township residents on the municipal website, Mayor Dave Mayer boasts:

I understand that over the years people have lost touch and confidence in government. We can change that by bringing greater accountability, transparency and community involvement.

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Yet, it hasn’t taken long for the Dave Mayer team to show just how insincere they are when it comes to actually acting upon the fair, sound and open government they vowed to implement during (and apparently after) the past campaign season.  Rather, in a bizarre first order of business under the new administration, the Democrat-dominated council has opted to do just the opposite – to muzzle concerned residents who have the audacity to want to be a part of their community’s affairs.

Case in point: Resolution R-10-01-028 “Amending R-10:01-002 of the Township of Gloucester, Camden County, New Jersey Establishing Rules of Order and Conduct for all Township Council Regular, Work Session and Special Meetings of the Township Council.”

You can view a pdf of the full resolution here:  Resolution: R-10-01-028.

The measure, approved at a Jan. 2 reorganization meeting, imposes limits during the public-comments portion of meetings.

Says Gloucester Township Republican Municipal Committee chairman Ray Polidoro,

When a one-party council along with the same party’s Mayor limit the taxpayers/residents time to speak, they also limit the amount of people that can dissent.  This resolution was passed at the Jan 2 reorganization meeting, which, as advertised in the Courier Post, was to include a public portion. They failed to have included that public portion knowing people would object.  The council president has already proven in the first regular council meeting that he will cut off detractors without hesitation.  If he doesn’t like what a taxpaying resident says, he silences you.  It appears that Dave Mayer and “his” council  not only don’t care how people feel, but they also forgot who they work for.

Added former Mayor Cindy Rau-Hatton, “It is called “the public portion” in order to give residents the opportunity to address their elected officials. As Americans we have not only the right, but the responsibility to question our elected officials in order for government to be open and progressive. This is a sad day for democracy in Gloucester Township!”


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