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Camden GOP in “Catbird Seat” in Race to Unseat John Adler

January 14, 2010

Toms River's Mo Hill & Mt. Laurel's Jon Runyan

With a third candidate throwing his name into the mix for the Republican nomination in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District, the Courier Post pointed out today the power position Camden County GOP sees itself in in this year’s upcoming election.

The Republican Party in Camden County may get a rare opportunity to flex its muscle in the 3rd Congressional District this year.

Most of district is divided among Republican-leaning swaths of Ocean and Burlington counties, with heavily Democratic Cherry Hill the only Camden County contribution to the territory.

The voting pie in the district breaks down to 42 percent in Burlington County, 43 percent in Ocean County, and 15 percent in Cherry Hill…

While many want to paint a picture of an intra-party struggle brewing between the Burlington, Ocean and Camden Parties, the article accurately points out the strides leaders have taken in opening dialogue and doing what’s best for the District:

The three chairmen, along with state party head Jay Webber, sat down shortly before the New Year in an attempt to calm the storm.  The plan, Camden County chairman Rick DeMichele said…involves Camden County Republicans holding off on an endorsement until the Ocean and Burlington parties name their pick…

Party leaders said the ideal route would be for the prospects to go through the screening committee process in February and for the three committees to arrive at a consensus candidate by mid-March. That candidate and the party would be free to focus their sights on Adler from the April 12 filing deadline through the June 8 primary, when the general election begins in earnest.

That said, Camden does find itself a lynchpin in the 3rd.

DeMichele:  “I discussed with them my desire to be the last county party to endorse.  If they can’t come to a consensus, then wherever Camden goes gives that candidate a clear advantage.  I don’t want to be in a position to cast the deciding vote.”

Cherry Hill Municipal Chairman Rich Ambrosino added, “It puts us in the catbird seat.  Given the lack of a hometown candidate the selection process is wide open for us. If there are multiple candidates then Rick (DeMichele) and I will make our decision for who we think is best.”

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  1. Peter permalink
    January 14, 2010 12:54 pm

    A very interesting article, I understand why the County Chairman are saying what they are saying, but what is with this guy “Ambrosino” from Cherry Hill? He should keep his mouth shut and let the Chairman do what they are supposed to do. This guy is just trying to “act the big man” and is only going to find his ticket punched for the position of “Former Cherry Hill Republican Chairman” if he does not get with the program. Instead of trying to make himself a big deal, he should support “the Party” so that we win this time. Peter

  2. January 15, 2010 1:01 am

    Congressman Hopeful Joseph R. Rullo looks forward to meeting with the chairman at his earliest convenience as well as participating in his screening process for Camden County Republicans. Joseph R. Rullo will be walking from Toms River heading west to route 70 west stopping at businesses in Burlington and ending endeavor in Cherry Hill. This walk will be over the period of a week.

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