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As the Christie Era Begins, We Must Have Realistic Expectations

January 16, 2010

Chris Christe

Chris Christie is facing some very large expectations when he is sworn in as Governor next week.  Lowering property taxes, balancing the state budget and ending the corruption that has made our beloved New Jersey the butt of many comedians’ jokes are just some of the issues we are all looking at Chris to solve.  Unfortunately, Governor Christie is going to have many an obstacles standing in his way, not the least of which is a Democratically-controlled Legislature that will want to continue the business-as-usual politics that has dug the state in such a deep hole, especially now that the “Norcross” faction seems to have taken control of the party.  Additionally, legislation from Washington that continues to increase spending will continue to hurt the economy, as well as continue to force unfunded mandates on the States that continue to stretch a State budget that has already been stretched way too far.

Because of the times we live in, we must have realistic expectations for Governor Christie, because I believe that he will be a very successful Governor as long as we define what success really is.  First and foremost, he must control State spending.  Our legislature and past Governors have, for too long, believed that they have had a blank check and could spend at will.  By use of the line item veto, Governor Christie can go a long way to closing the bank.  Another unlikely ally may be Dick Codey.  With the ascension of the Norcorssians, Codey will be looking to be relevant again, and may become key to passing more Conservative legislation that can only help the state.

Finally, Governor Christie must learn from the past mistakes of others.  Too often, we have seen elected officials forget what has gotten them to where they are.  I believe as Governor, Christie will learn from history and restore New Jersey to the great place to live that is once was.

Good luck Governor, I’m pulling for you.

That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

Marc Fleischner, Berlin Boro

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  1. January 17, 2010 9:24 am

    Great blog. It sure makes sense.

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