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With Brown Win In Mass. Andrews Will Continue to Hide

January 20, 2010
Scott Brown courtesy of Charles Krupa/AP

Scott Brown courtesy of Charles Krupa/AP

Scott Brown won the Massachusetts US  Senate seat last night the old-fashioned way; he earned it.  In Camden County we know the best way to overcome self-interested politicians is to take our message directly to the people.  Scott Brown talked about job creation, government spending, and affordable health care which are overwhelmingly important to voters in Massachusetts and New Jersey.  The difference between Brown and Coakley is that Brown delivered his message a door at a time.  The Wahington Examiner pointed out, 

“Coakley made what many now view as an unwise decision to take a break from campaigning.  Brown, on the other hand, hit the ground running, going door to door in working-class neighborhoods across the commonwealth in his old pickup truck, delivering a populist message that resonated with people suffering under the state’s sour economy. Brown talked about job creation, the deficit and overspending in Washington. And he pledged to put the brakes on the unpopular Democratic plan to reform health care. 

When Republicans win in Camden County it is because we have a good government message that we deliver to the people on voter at a time.  Republican elected officials in Camden County are known for their willingness to discuss issues at the voters doorstep,  While Rob Andrews may have millions to spend on slick glossy mailers at the end of the day he refuses to engage voters and personally deliver his platform to the people.  Rob’s challenger has not been determined yet but one thing that is sure our candidate will win because he or she supports job creating polices, will reduce federal spending and will push for a health care plan that the people can afford even during a down economic period.  Most importantly, our candidate will be seen on your doorstep to deliver the message. 

See Senator Brown’s victory speech below: 


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