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CCGOP Stands in Solidarity with Gov. Christie’s Abstention from “Schmooze Cruise” to DC

January 28, 2010

Governor Chris Christie

Shortly after being sworn in, Governor Chris Christie reiterated his disciplined stand in distancing himself from the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce’s annual train ride (“Walk to Washington”) in which business leaders and politicians rub elbows en route to and at lavish parties in the nation’s capitol.

“We have too much work to do, candidly, to take a couple of days off to go down and schmooze with political folks and business leaders,” Christie told reporters.

Given its timing shortly following election day, the trip is seen by many as a “coming out party” for newly elected officials, including new governors.

Senator Joe Kyrillos

After declining to attend last year’s trip, citing it as  a symbol of “politics as usual,” Christie gained no friends at the statewide business organization.  While some look at this year’s refusal to attend as political payback for the Chamber choosing to back then-Governor Corzine’s re-election bid, state Sen. Joe Kyrillos notes the impotence of the group and its failure as an organization to stand up for its members’ interests in favor of a draconian political mindset:

“These organizations have shown a lack of political resistance to organized labor, to the [Democratic] majorities in the Legislature, to the partisans in the executive branch and the governor’s office.  Shame on them for caving in to conventional wisdom that the Democrats would continue to control the state. They did not serve their constituency. Now it’s the new world order.”

What Gov. Christie’s stand shows is his refusal to bend to “politics as usual,” and is evidence that he will not compromise himself to any group or individual in the state.

Here in Camden County, many of our elected officials have long been beholden to special interests (be it their own or those of their well-connected friends).  The CCGOP fights everyday to make inroads in changing the way things are done – be it in city hall, the county courthouse or in Trenton.  We stand beside the Governor in remaining in state and working on behalf of our families, rather than coddling to the interests of people who have shown an unwillingness to stand up for their values or that of the hardworking families of New Jersey.

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  1. Jeff Booker permalink
    January 28, 2010 10:42 am

    Great article….finally, a leader in Trenton who ‘gets it’. Would be nice to see that kind of leadership on Federal St in Camden City…

  2. Rob permalink
    January 28, 2010 11:09 am


    Very impressed by what you have going on with this web site and what you are doing to get the message out.


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