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“Thousands” are out of work and Rob Andrews brings a handful of jobs to Camden

February 2, 2010

With record high unemployment percentages in Camden, US Representative Rob Andrews brings a dismal amount of jobs to the region.   Out of the 787 billion dollars in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act , the 10-term incumbent Representative Rob Andrews used his political pull to throw a measly 26 million into the city of Camden.

10 term Congressman Rob Andrews fails to deliver jobs

Rob Andrews

The money will be used to fund the Neighborhood Stabilization Act , and it will “preserve” or create a total of 450 jobs according to their own rosy projections.  US Representative Rob Andrews, who unsuccessfully tried multiple times to reach a higher office, said:  “This $26 million investment takes us one step closer to reaching our economic recovery, and these funds will further enhance the wide variety of projects already underway in Camden.”  Andrews is delusional if he believes that the city of Camden is one step away from economic revitalization.   Would the Congressman care to explain the previous successful steps over the past 20 years he has been in office?

Throwing money into the city of Camden will only provide a temporary bandage until the money is spent.   With the city of Camden several steps away from economic revitalization, it is time for Rob Andrews to work for his constituents to provide permanent solutions to the city’s problems.  The record of Rob Andrews clearly shows that his political career is stagnant, and the people of the US 1st Congressional District deserve a new leader who will tackle Camden’s problems with permanent solutions.

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