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David Leibowitz Withdraws from NJ-3 Primary Bid

February 4, 2010

David Leibowitz

Yesterday, former Assistant US District Attorney David Leibowitz announced that he will no longer be seeking the GOP nomination to face Rep. John Adler in NJ-3.

Here is the statement I issued regarding Mr. Leibowitz’s decision not to run:

“Yesterday I spoke with Dave Leibowitz who informed me that he would no longer be seeking the Republican nomination in the Third Congressional District. David would have been a great candidate and he remains someone with a bright future in the party. I am sure we will see him continuing to fight on behalf of all citizens in some capacity, just as he did as an Assistant District Attorney. His commitment to service epitomizes what New Jersey needs representing it in Washington.

What is clear is that voters in the district are fortunate to have a number of quality individuals vocal in their desire to unseat John Adler. Whomever Republican primary voters choose to face Rep. Adler in June will represent South Jersey with a strong sense of fiscal responsibility and a willingness to stand up against special interests. While John Adler takes his marching orders from South Jersey political power brokers, Wall Street bankers, and the likes of Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC, New Jersey can feel confident that it will have one more independent voice fighting on its behalf in Congress come November.”

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  1. February 17, 2010 11:21 pm

    Joseph Lachawiec (R – Ocean Township) Mayor Announces Candidacy for Congress, seeks immediate debate with Jon Adler

    Waretown, NJ, February 12, 2010: Joseph Lachawiec, Mayor of the Township of Ocean, today announced his intention to become the Republican Candidate for Congress in the 3d District. Lachawiec intends to challenge Jon Adler on the issues important to 3d District voters at every public meeting at which Adler appears.
    Mayor Joseph Lachawiec, a conservative and proponent of nuclear energy and offshore drilling for oil and gas, as well as wind and solar power as ways to wean America from dependence on foreign oil, has submitted his name to Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore and has asked Gilmore to set up a 3 way meeting with the Chairs of Camden and Burlington County in order to interview and vet Lachawiec. “Now is the time to get the ball rolling so that all three counties may settle on one good candidate in order to take back the 3d District Congressional seat”, said Lachawiec. Lachawiec believes he is the one candidate that all three counties can agree upon. The Mayor said that he is willing to appear before each of the three Counties’ Committees wherever and whenever to answer questions “for as long as it takes” to settle on one candidate
    Lachawiec is a retired Director at Elizabethtown Gas Company in Elizabeth, NJ and is a retired management employee at the Philadelphia Gas Works, Philadelphia, PA. The Mayor is a native of Philadelphia, having graduated from the City’s Roman Catholic High School for Boys in 1964 and subsequently graduated from St. Joseph’s University, also in Philadelphia, after his service in Vietnam. The Mayor grew up in the Brewerytown and Fairmount neighborhoods of Philadelphia and served as an interrogator and Vietnamese linguist during his time in Vietnam.
    Lachawiec, as a USCG licensed Merchant Marine Officer and sea captain, believes he has a more informed grasp on issues faced by boaters, fishermen and advocates of Barnegat Bay.
    The Mayor’s children are grown and out of the house, so he will have plenty of time to be a full time representative of the people of New Jersey.
    Mayor Lachawiec is a member of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the NRA and the Knights of Columbus. His military service totals 37 years, including service with the 6th Cavalry Regiment, the 79th ARCOM (PA), the 78th Division (Jersey Lightning) and the 157th Separate Infantry Brigade (PA).
    Lachawiec said that, if elected, he would ask the Republican House leadership for assignment to the Energy & Commerce Committee, Intelligence Oversight Committee and Veterans Affairs Committee. Lachawiec said he would advocate for seniors, veterans, conservation of natural resources and for the business community, and would defend the US Constitution against all enemies, whether foreign or domestic.

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