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John Adler Loves Spending – Your Money

February 4, 2010

A press release from our friends at the the 

National Republican

Congressional Committee


For Immediate Release                                                                     Contact: Press Office
January 28,2010                                                                                  (202) 479-7070
Will John Adler Vote for Another Budget that Spends Too Much, Taxes Too Much, and Borrows Too Much? 
After Last Year’s Monstrosity, Obama Administration Asks Democrats to Back Even More Debt and Bigger Deficits 

John Adler

Washington- If New Jersey taxpayers thought they had seen the worst of John Adler’s fiscal recklessness, today’s White House budget proposal makes it clear that the worst could be yet to come. After backing last year’s $3.6 trillion monstrosity, the Obama administration will be leaning hard on Adler to rubber-stamp this year’s earth-shattering $3.8 trillion request. Adler already voted once to put the nation’s finances in the red for a generation and now his party leaders are pushing a plan that racks up over $5 trillion in debt over the next five years: 

“President Barack Obama’s new $3.83 trillion budget — on its way to Congress Monday — anticipates an even worse deficit this year than last and no big improvement until the economy improves and the nation sheds the crushing costs of two wars overseas.” 

 “The strain shows itself in the new deficit projections, far worse than what the White House forecast in its first budget at this time a year ago. 

 “After a record $1.4 trillion shortfall in 2009, the administration now says the red ink will reach $1.56 trillion this year and be little better, $1.27 trillion in 2011. 

 “In fact, it’s not until 2014 and 2015— when Obama hopes to be in his second term— that he has any hope of deficits approaching a sustainable level.” (David Rogers, “Five Years, $5.08 Trillion in Debt,” Politico, 2/1/10) 

 “With the Obama White House and Washington Democrats pushing the country to the brink of bankruptcy, it’s time for John Adler to finally put an end to his fiscal recklessness,” 

said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. 

“Taxpayers are once again being asked to pay for Washington’s out-of-control spending spree, but Adler appears ready to sign off on another budget that spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much. New Jersey families are looking to Adler for some relief from this massive financial burden, but all he’s providing is a rubber-stamp vote for his party’s spending addiction.” 

Will this be the year John Adler takes a stand against his party’s big-spending ways and helps bring New Jersey families out of the red? If his record thus far is any indication, his constituents shouldn’t hold their breath. 

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