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Assemblyman DiCicco Keeps Working for the Taxpayer

February 5, 2010

Assemblyman DiCicco

After a recent report that told us that  New Jersey lost more than $70 billion in wealth as affluent residents fled the state during Governor Jon Corzine’s tenure Assemblyman DiCicco is urging his colleagues in the legislature to responsibly restructure New Jersey’s tax policies.  DiCicco said, 


“For four years, the Corzine administration ignored repeated warnings from Republicans and state economists that its tax, borrow and spending policies were inflicting severe harm to our economy and its taxpayers.”  

Economists and financial experts agree that high property, sales, income, and “millionaire” taxes have caused the wealthiest tax payers to flee New Jersey.  James Hughes, a  Rutgers Economist, blames the state’s chronic budget shortfalls on the exodus of affluent residents. 
Assemblyman DiCicco said,  

“Fortunately, Governor Christie and his administration has an excellent understanding of the state’s fiscal crisis and are working furiously to address those problems.  The Legislature needs to step up to the plate and work with him to develop and implement a sound, responsible economic development plan for the state.”

To read the full text of Assemblyman DiCicco’s joint statement with Assemblyman Bucco click here.

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