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Freeholders Never Let a Serious Crisis go to Waste.

February 7, 2010

Fran Mulherin forwarded us the following:

I couldn’t believe my eyes Friday evening while I watched Action News’ coverage of the Winter Storm coming to the Delaware Valley. They cut to a clip of snow plows from Camden County getting ready for the pending blizzard. I was amazed to see a county employee attaching what appeared to be a magnetic sign to he rear of the plow truck. The sign read,


Here I thought this service was provided by the Taxpayer’s hard earned dollars.  Again, the Board of Freeholders taking advantage of the Democrat theory espoused by Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste”,

Is this an example of using taxpayers dollars and using government employees to promote politician’s campaigning?  Or worse, just another example of how Democrats just waste our tax dollars printing unnecessary signs.  As if that truck couldn’t plow the snow without the Freeholders self-promotional sign on the back.

I would hope reporters from the press would feel as I do and question how much money was wasted on these signs, and hold our politicians accountable no matter what their party affiliation.

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