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John Adler is Freaking Out!

February 8, 2010

John Adler

Lest you think our posts signaling the trouble John Adler is in for this November are merely partisan rhetoric, don’t take our word for it.

Politico, reporting from the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting in DC, quoted The New Jersey Democrat State Committee’s executive director noting the freshman Democrat’s discomfort and nervousness surrounding his re-election chances.

New Jersey Democratic State Committee Executive Director Rob Angelo lamented that some moderate Democratic elected officials in his state are “freaking out” about being pegged as overly liberal heading into November.

Angelo said after the meeting that he was referring to lawmakers like John Adler, the freshman Democrat from a suburban district in his state.

“Certainly, people are nervous,” he said. “The momentum cycle shifts so quickly now.”

What is still amazing, though not surprising, is Adler’s constant denial of his liberal record in Trenton since being in DC.

To get you motivated this Monday morning, we dedicate this 70’s disco classic to Rep. Adler.

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