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LoBiondo Leads the Way and Andrews is Still Clueless

February 9, 2010

Last week Rob Andrews could not stop crowing about the “economic development” and jobs he brought to Camden.  As we reported, Rob Andrews was proud to get funding for Camden City and the Neighborhood Stabilization Act , and how  it will “preserve” or create a total of 450 jobs according to their own rosy projections.  Is this really going to help South Jersey?  Probably not! 

Frank LoBiondo

Compare this to Congressman Frank Lobiondo and his efforts to make the Nextgen Aviation Park  a reality for South Jersey.  According to NBC40


“The park is being built on a 55-acre site next to the FAA’s William J. Hughes Technical Center. The project will cost between $300 to $400 million and it’s expected to bring two thousand jobs to the area” 

Imagine Two Thousand New Jobs!  Frank LoBiondo further demonstrated his understanding of the needs of South Jersey when he stated, 

“Not many communities in the nation have the chance to be on the cutting edge of a program that will affect not only the whole country but the whole world,” 

At the risk of sounding completely ridiculous I ask, “Which is better, preserving up to 450 jobs or creating two thousand jobs in a world class facility?” 

We need a great leader like Frank Lobiondo in NJ-1.  Fortunately,  when we take back Congress in November we will elect Dale Glading who, like  Frank LoBiondo, will work to create thousands of high tech, high paying jobs for South Jersey.  We do have a choice.  We can elect Dale Glading and get a Congressman who is dedicated to bringing New Jobs to our part of South Jersey or we can HOPE Rob Andrews delivers his “Projected” 450 saved jobs.  Visit Dale’s website and let him know that you want high paying job creation in the western part of South Jersey.

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  1. Steve permalink
    February 18, 2010 8:25 am

    Andrews can try to spin the NSP funds all he wants, but they get doled out on the basis of who applies, and how those applications score against the competition. He has literally NOTHING to do with ‘bringing it home’. Besides, he doesn’t mention that Camden only actually GOT 1/2 of the NSP funds they actually applied for, so even if you tie him to the program, he was only 50% effective…my kids get an ‘F’ when they score that low on a test.

    The bigger deal is that LoBiondo’s efforts result in both the construction jobs AND the permanent, better-paying jobs jobs to operate NextGen. That’s a huge difference between a housing stabilization program that will essentially run out of jobs the moment the federal construction funds run out. Will it keep some construction folks employed while the work lasts, sure, but then where are we? Right back where we started with a willing workforce counting on a federal handout to remain employed… but I guess that’s where the Progressives really want us, isn’t it?

    Nice job, Frank… Time to polish your resume, Rob…

  2. MICHAEL BIZGA permalink
    April 12, 2010 7:47 am

    Why are you supporting the Liberal Candidate Liebiondo? I came to this site to find information about Dale Glading and perhaps offer him some Financial Support. GOOGLE “Lobiondo RINO” and you get over 17,000 responses.

    I am willing to donate to a Conservative Candidate who will run against Liebondo or Andrews. I thought Glading might be such a man; however your support for Liebiondo has me questioning if Glading is politically closer to Liebiondo or Chris Christie.

    • Steve S. permalink
      April 13, 2010 7:42 am

      Michael – don’t lump the two together…do your due diligence and you’ll find (as I have) that while Glading’s battle is in a Democratic stronghold – he’s the real deal in terms of Conservative values, and worth our financial support. I found that to be true in 2008, and am even more hopeful that in today’s climate that 2010 will go down by the clueless pundits as the ‘Year of the Conservative Upset’.

      Unfortunately, Republicans are not all conservative, or they measure their values in ‘degrees’… That’s why it’s critical to look at each candidate individually – support who measures up (and withhold from those that don’t). I think if you do that with Glading, you’ll write the same check I did.

      • Mike permalink
        April 21, 2010 7:05 am

        I thought coming to this site to learn about Glading was my due diligence. After all it is not like there is anything in the news I can follow. However, when one does research on a candidate like Glading (as I did on this site) and they say glowing things about LoBiondo, a known RINO, then one is skeptical about Glading. My concern is, can a local Republican Party stumping for RINOs be counted on to recruit the Real Deal? (By the way Steve, I appreciate the Palin reference)

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