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Public Holding Rob Andrews & Lou Greenwald Accountable

February 10, 2010

In a pair of letters to the editors of separate New Jersey newspapers, voters called out Camden Machine politicians Rob Andrews and Lou Greenwald for both their political grandstanding and their lack of action on important economic issues facing New Jersey families.

Corzine & Lou: Perfect Together

Brian Lowe of Manasquan wrote the Asbury Park Press about the deficit in the New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Fund and the “likelihood current employers will be asked to pay an additional $1,000 per employee in order to make up for the shortfall” (“Unemployment deficit due to political looting“):

Had that money been kept in reserve for tougher economic times, it could have easily handled the current increase in unemployment claims.

Instead, the fund was “raided” — I prefer the word “stolen” — by New Jersey’s sticky-fingered politicians. One of those politicians, Assemblyman Lou Greenwald, D-Camden, was quoted as saying he was concerned that an increase in the unemployment tax would hurt businesses already battered by a tough economy.

One wonders where Greenwald’s concern was during the past 10 years, when he and his fellow legislators helped facilitate the redistribution of excess unemployment fund revenue to other parts of the state’s budget.

Meanwhile, Robin Davis of Sewell wrote the Gloucester County Times in response to a story about Rep. Rob Andrews touting saving $10.2 billion “by cutting off appropriations for some defense projects” that Andrews called “wasteful government programs” (“Andrews gets to savings party late“).

Wrote Davis:

I find it ironic that Andrews, who through his 19 years in Congress, has been part of the problem of rampant government spending, is now portraying himself as being a diligent overseer of our tax dollars.

Where was Andrews’ concern for the careful spending of our tax dollars for the past 19 years? When in the past 19 years has he spoken out loud and clear about this “iceberg” of wastefulness? When in the past 19 years has he made controlling our spiraling deficit a priority?

I believe that instead of patting himself on the back, Andrews should accept blame for his participation in nearly two decades of wasteful spending, and actually apologize to his constituents for his role in creating this “iceberg” of fiscal irresponsibility.

Lowe and Davis both highlight something that has long been a problem. New Jersey Democrats, and specifically Camden County Democrats, will say anything that sounds good in light of public opinion.  They don’t fear reprocussion when their words don’t match their actions because they take for granted that voters in their districts will vote in their favor based on the Ds next to their names rather than their records.

We need more people like Lowe and Davis banging the drums in public forums and holding our elected officials accountable.  And we need to support candidates like Dale Glading who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and put the challeneg right at the feet of these officials.

The election of Governor Christie this November showed us that when we put viable candidates up against flawed politicians, we can overcome any obstacles and truly change New Jersey.

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