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NJEA Leadership is Shameless

February 11, 2010

Let me be the first to say that those who are actually teaching our children in the classroom need to be fairly compensated.  Fair compensation includes a retirement account that the state’s tax payers can afford.

Affordability will be the word of the day for the forseeable future.  Governor Christie will address a joint session of the legislature to discuss state budgeting.  This will be a difficult discussion that will test the will of the Administration to fundamentally change the way New Jersey government operates.  I have every faith in Chris Christie.

During the budget process you should expect to hear considerable debate about publicly funded defined benefit pensions.   Bank on NJEA union leadership to scream wildly and proffer all of their rhetoric about protecting children.  Their rhetoric will inevitably will blame someone other that their own union leadership.

I know this because the NJEA runs the same public relations play time after time.  Last June the released a video blaming “politicians” for the pension mess.  In watching the video below it is “the politicians” who caused the mess and should bear the brunt of the cost to fix the problem.  See for yourself:  

The politicians they are referring to are in the democratically controlled Governor’s office, state senate, and state assembly.  Specifically, they are referring to Jon Corzine, Senator Jim Beach and Assemblyman Lou Greenwald.  Let’s not forget that as the Assembly Budget Chairman Lou Greenwald is particularly responsible for the budget and pension mess. 

This all becomes extremely outrageous and shameful when you recall that shortly after they release the video the NJEA endorsed  Jon Corzine, Senator Jim Beach and Assemblyman Lou Greenwald.  I guess the NJEA wanted the public to know it was the politicians like Jon Corzine, Jim Beach and Lou Greenwald’s fault that the school bus driver’s pension needed reform but did not want you to know they full supported these “politicians”.

The NJEA needs new leadership that will be honest with their members and honest with the public.  If the NJEA wanted to be truthful with the public they would release video blaming their own leadership and their endorsed politicians for the much needed pension reform.

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