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Glading: “Andrews Raises Taxes to Fight ‘Global Warming’ While South Jersey’s Unemployed Suffer Record Snowfalls”

February 12, 2010

Republican Congressional Hopeful Dale Glading (Photo: Noah Addis/The Star Ledger)

Amidst the heaviest snowfall in the area’s recorded history, in a press release yesterday, NJ-1 Congressional candidate Dale Glading called on Rep. Rob Andrews (D-Haddon Heights) to “reconsider his support of the so-called “Cap and Trade” tax backed by President Obama and Speaker Pelosi.”

Said Glading:

“Last summer, Rob Andrews voted for one of the biggest tax hikes in U.S. history at a time when South Jersey families were struggling to pay the bills.  ’Cap and Tax’ legislation was supposed to combat global warming. Now we’re grappling with the snowiest winter in recorded history and an equally frigid job market. It’s time for Rob Andrews to face reality, listen to the people and stop supporting this job-killing legislation.”

When elected Congressman, Glading vows to oppose energy taxes that have a negative financial impact on South Jersey’s hardworking families and small businesses.

“It’s about time Congress stops working against Americans and starts working for them. When I defeat Rob Andrews in November, South Jersey will finally have a representative dedicated to protecting their wallets from out-of-control Washington politicians.”

For more information about Dale Glading or to volunteer or contribute to his campaign, please visit

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