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NJ Democrats Think We Can Spend Our Way Out of the Fiscal Emergency They Created

February 12, 2010

Chris Christie

While quick to point to Chris Christie’s budget speech as an agenda against bipartisanship, the New Jersey Democrats who have controlled Trenton’s purse strings for close to a decade, failed to offer any tangible solutions to the budget crisis our state faces while criticizing the Governor’s bold steps to curb the financial disaster they created.

As pointed out by CBS 2, “saying New Jersey is on the verge of bankruptcy, Christie declared a fiscal emergency, announcing drastic cuts. Among them, aid to school districts that have excess surpluses…The governor also cut state subsidies to New Jersey Transit, saying it needs to become fiscally efficient.”

If Democrats can’t bring themselves to even consider cuts to districts with surpluses and the mismanaged state transportation system, where then, do they feel should we begin trimming that fat?

Trick question.

Amid the grandstanding and uproar before the press yesterday, not one Democrat offered any alternative solutions to cutting wasteful state spending, but rather, to a person, suggested dipping into state surpluses.

That’s right.  To solve the state’s fiscal crisis, Democrats do not want the state to save funds or cut waste, but rather spend spend spend!

Here is their “Video Response” which has a lot of whining and crying but not one cut is articulated.  The reason?  Simple they love spending!  See for yourself.

A lot of talk about reform and change but not one specific cut.  Not one Democrat with a specific plan to reduce spending in New Jersey.  They are full of ideas on how to spend and short on ideas of how to pay.

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  1. Giselle permalink
    February 17, 2010 10:17 pm

    Assemblywoman Oliver is COMMITTED to Running her big mouth. She wasn’t talkin all that smack during the budget address. She sat her tail in the seat and shut up just like the rest of them.

  2. Pennsaukenyes permalink
    February 28, 2010 11:56 pm

    Why is it OK to take surplus from school districts, surplus that if not used would revert to tax relief the next year, but not surplus from the state that just stays there? How does that work? How is it Spend Spend Spend to use state surplus funds?

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