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It’s Time for Greenwald To Put Up or Shut Up.

February 17, 2010

Assm. Lou Greenwald

You may recall our earlier post where we pointed out that Lou Greenwald was very unhappy with Governor Christie’s plan to cut spending and bring an era of fiscal responsibility to Trenton.  Greenwald immediately went into his “crisis mode” and called for  hearings to solve our financial crisis.  Today is Judgment Day.  Today is his budget hearing.

At the hearing you could hear form Lou’s witnesses how spending cuts are necessary and how Trenton needs fundamental change in the way it operates.  The committee could receive testimony on how innovation and the elimination of waste could help reduce Trenton spending.  Unfortunately, this is Lou Greenwald’s budget hearing so expect to hear more rhetoric on how we can’t afford to stop spending and how unless we continue to spend countless billions our taxes will go up and up and up.   With Lou Greenwald we come to expect circular double talk.

If you want to hear for yourself beginning at 10am you can listen to the hearings live by clicking here.   If you are going to tune in count how many times you hear new proposals to cut even more state spending.  I bet you do not need all the fingers on one hand.

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