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Dale Glading to Rob Andrews: Health Care Reform Should Empower Patients, Not Government

February 22, 2010

Republican Congressional Hopeful Dale Glading (Photo: Noah Addis/The Star Ledger)

In response to reports that Rob Andrews and Washington Democrats plan to “ram” Obamacare through Congress despite overwhelming public opposition, 1st District Congressional candidate Dale Glading offered the following statement today:

“In town hall meetings and tea party rallies across America including right here in South Jersey, concerned citizens continue to rise up and demand an end to reckless spending in Washington Rob Andrews, however, continues to stubbornly back government schemes to nationalize the health care system. His constituents clearly disagree, so it’s high-time for Congressman Andrews to reverse course and respect the wishes of the people who elected him.

According to Glading’s release, “If adopted, devastatingly expensive mandates and taxes will force thousands of South Jersey families to abandon their private health insurance plans. All taxpayers will face higher premiums, diminished medical care, and longer wait times for life-saving health care procedures. The inevitable result will be more – not less – South Jerseyans with substandard health care or no plan at all.” (Source: The Wall Street Journal, “Obamacare is All About Rationing,” August 18, 2009)

Glading added:

“Unfortunately for American taxpayers, there’s nothing ‘common’ about ‘common sense’ in Washington, D.C. Politicians should no longer force a 25-year-old male to pay for gynecological care or a young woman to foot the bill for prostate exams. I’m calling on Rob Andrews and his allies in Washington to abandon ideology, listen to their constituents and pursue health care reforms that empower patients – not the government.”

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  1. Needing Healthcare permalink*
    February 22, 2010 10:47 am

    It is about time someone sood up for the taxpayer. I’m voting for Dale Glading becasue he wants me to have a say in my own helath care!

  2. Steve permalink
    February 23, 2010 8:02 am

    Scrap the current plan and start all over – and this time do it in an open manner, VERIFY the cost savings claims, and get a basic plan that includes provisions from both sides. Can’t do it?…maybe that’s why they feel the need to ram their agenda down our throats, and into our pockets, quickly before people can react (and before 90% of them can even READ what they’re approving). Andrews has followed this trail like many others – to no benefit – because he doesn’t lead…he follows. He finds safety in following the party line, his money-men back in NJ1, and this time in following who he thought was a popular President. Wrong again, Rob. Leaders know when to stand up against the pressure, even at personal cost… I’m gald to be able to vote for someone like that in Glading come this November.

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