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Platt Continues to Mislead – 2nd Acting Mayor Witheld from Public

February 26, 2010

In the administration’s latest slap in the public’s face, today’s Courier Post points out that after “revelations that a township spokesman lied about Mayor Bernie Platt’s absence this month, including during twin snow emergencies, officials acknowledged Thursday that the acting mayor was also on vacation for three days last week.”

When asked “why he and other officials did not reveal that a second official was acting mayor last week,” the Mayor smugly responded:

“The question never came up.”

Yet, when the question does come up, Platt continues to evade responsibility (or even a attempt a palatable explanation).

The Courier Post notes:

Despite being questioned throughout the week about who runs Cherry Hill when Platt is away, neither Fleisher, Platt nor Keashen disclosed that acting mayor Kukainis had also taken a vacation and that under a succession order, township solicitor Sherri Schweitzer was tapped to be acting mayor.

During an interview on Monday, in which he attempted to explain his role, Kukainis failed to mentioned that for a time the previous week, he had ceded his duties to another township employee.

On not informing the public of the second acting mayor, Platt said, “I didn’t think it mattered at that point.”

Yesterday, Cherry Hill Republican Committee Chairman Rich Ambrosino wrote the Mayor demanding he take responsibility for his and his staff’s recent actions. However, it’s becoming quite obvious that Platt and his cronies will do and say what they want, when they want, public be damned.

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