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Andrews to NJ: Pelosi Will Not Fail!

February 27, 2010

Andrews After his Primary Defeat

Rob Andrews is at it again!  We know he desperately wants to pass a massive heath care bill that costs a trillion dollars and the people unequivocally do not want.  Now he his stumping for the Queen of out of control spending; Nancy Pelosi.  On Friday House Democrats had a health care conference call with members of the media.  As reported by the Huffington Post, Rob Andrews proudly proclaimed, 


“This speaker has never brought a piece of legislation to the floor and failed to pass it and she is not about to start now.” 

If you are thinking it sounds like Rob will vote for the bill regardless of the quality of the heath care or the cost of the bill you are probably correct.  

What is interesting is Andrew’s recent vocal position.  Throughout his years in Congress Andrews has sported a very lack luster record and been very low key with the press.  Now he is suddenly the lap dog of Speaker Pelosi and barking at her will.  

Suprising.  Not really.  Rob Andrews wants Frank Lautenberg’s US Senate seat.  Last time he tried to become a United States Senator he ran dismal primary campaign and got decimated at the polls.  Rob failed last time because of three reasons,  he lacked a good record to run on, he did not have a competent campaign staff and he did not have the support of key US Senate and Congressional members. 

This time around Rob still will not have a good record but he hopes to get the support of Nancy Pelosi and her DC cronies.  I do not think it was an accident the vice-chair of the Democratic Caucus, Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.), was speaking with Rob on the Press conference call.  We should expect to hear Rob continue to vocally support Pelosi and her unaffordable Health Care Bill as the rumors and suggestions of who will succeed Frank Lautenberg increase. 

Sadly for Rob, Pelosi is a python who will squeeze Rob untill there is no more life in him and then she will unceremoniously discard him.  I hope I am not anywhere nar the congressman when he figures out he will not be the next Democrat nominee for US Senate in New Jersey.

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