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Join the Courier Post & CCGOP in Calling for Cherry Hill Officials to Resign

February 28, 2010

Today, as Mayor Bernie Platt and Cherry Hill Township officials continue to evade personal responsibility in response to their dishonesty to the public, the Courier Post called for Chief of Staff Dan Keashen’s dismissal, noting:

“Keashen is a liar and there’s no place for the kind of outright dishonesty he displayed in a position of public trust. He needs to be dismissed. His job is to be a conduit to provide truthful, accurate information from the government to the people it serves. Instead of truth he delivered lies. Unacceptable.”


The editorial reiterated many of the same questions and concerns expressed this week by Cherry HilL Republican Committee Chairman Rich Ambrosino, namely, “If Keashen lies about something this trivial, and something that could easily be proven false, how are people in Cherry Hill supposed to trust him to be truthful about more important matters in his role as spokesman for the township government and the mayor?”

If you agree with the paper, Ambrosino and myself, let your voice be heard. Please sign our petition at demanding “Mayor Platt call for the resignation of Chief of Staff Dan Keashen and implement steps to institute a more open and transparent administration.”



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