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Union Reform Needed and NOW!!!

February 28, 2010

Governor Chris Christie Ready for the Union Showdown

It seems that just about everyone understands that public employee pay, pension and health benefits are too rich and that New Jersey cannot afford to continue to pay for this.  That is everyone but  union leadership.   The Star Ledger published a comprehensive editorial on the issue.

The voters elected Chris Christie to take on the unions and fix the fiscal mess in Trenton. The Star Ledger editorial states,

Win or lose, the steel-cage battle between public unions, with 406,000 members, and the state’s other 8 million residents is shaping up to be the political fight of the decade and Gov. Chris Christie’s defining moment. It’s the Battle of Trenton. We’ve waited long enough.

Despite the fact that we just cannot afford the state worker compensation packages the unions will not give an inch.  The NJEA spent millions to help re-elect Jon Corzine.  They were hoping to avoid this day.  Sadly they will most assuredly spend countless more millions to attack the Governors fiscal restraint and efforts for all New Jerseyans.

Unions will treat this as a life-and-death fight. They will spend millions on radio and TV ads and bumper stickers. They will mobilize lobbyists. They will activate their fleets of volunteers.

Many of the local unions, especially the militant NJEA, are likely to opt for layoffs rather than reopen contracts they believe to be sacrosanct. Then they will blame the reduced services and larger classrooms on the politicians and vow political revenge.

The people of New  Jersey and the Governor need to stay strong and they will.

“…we can’t afford these spiraling costs. It’s that simple.”

We applaud the star Ledger on their editorial.  Our only regret is that the print version of the paper is not available in South Jersey.

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