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Runyan Gets Backing of Burlington County Screening Committee

March 2, 2010

Jon Runyan at the 2010 CCGOP Lincoln Day Dinner

This may not come as a surprise and may not really be news, however, Jon Runyan will get the Endorsement of the Burlington County Republican Party.  Jon Adler can be confident in who his adversary will be. Below is a copy of the news release from  Burlington County Republican Committee Screening Committee Chair, Chris Baxter.

Mount Holly, March 2, 2010 – This past Saturday, the Burlington County Republican Committee Screening Committee unanimously endorsed Jon Runyan to be the county’s endorsed candidate for Congress in the 3rd District.  Ocean County businessman Joe Rullo was the only other person to screen.

“After winning two freeholder seats last year when most pundits said we couldn’t, and helping Governor Chris Christie carry the county only a year after Barack Obama won it by twenty points, enthusiasm amongst Burlington Republicans was already high,”

said Burlington County GOP Chairman Bill Layton.

“But with Jon Runyan emerging as the frontrunner to take on John Adler for Congress this November, the excitement and energy level among grassroots Republicans here is only going to increase.  This is going to be a great year.”

“This past Saturday, the screening committee heard both Mr. Runyan and Mr. Rullo state their case as to why they were the best candidate to beat John Adler in November,” said Baxter.  “Frankly, our deliberation was short and the opinion of the group overwhelming – Jon Runyan is a special candidate and our screening committee is proud to recommend his endorsement to the entire County Committee.”

The entire County Republican Committee will assemble on March 13th to make a formal endorsement for Congress, as well as back incumbent Freeholder Joe Donnelly and incumbent Sheriff Jean Stanfield.

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  1. Keith permalink
    June 2, 2010 3:08 pm

    Well, what a load of crap! Our group hosted Runyan, Murphy, and Rullo, each for an hour. Mr Runyan clearly was not prepared to answer questions, debate issues, or had a clear understanding of the issues that we face today in NJ as well as the nation. He was very middle of the road on every answer. Adler will chew him up. Where are the BOld Contrast between Runyan and Alder. There are none.
    CLearly the better Candidate for the 3rd District is JUSTIN MURPHY. He can articulate constitutional issues, is pro 2nd amendment, small business job growth, Energy Independence now. Mr Runyan was not sure on any of these issues.

    The only thing he has going is he has a lot of his own money and people know the name from watching the Eagles. This is not Football. Our Lives, our Fortunes, our freedom, and the survival of our nation as our Founders set forth is at stake. Runyan is not the guy! Like I said Adler with Chew him up. and We will be stuck with Adler again. And don’t think for a minute he will vote like he has in the past 9 months if he wins in November. WAKE UP COLAID DRINKER !

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