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The Weekly Standard Profiles NJ3 Candidate Jon Runyan: “Adler’s in Trouble”

March 2, 2010

Jon Runyan

Conservative commentator William Kristol’s  magazine put out a very favorable piece in its most recent issue on NJ-3 Congressional candidate Jon Runyan.

While not underestimating Rep. John Adler’s ability to fund raise (and hinting at his chameleon-like move to the middle on policy issues to protect his vulnerable hide), the article notes that ‘The fundamentals of the race are as favorable as any Republican will see in New Jersey.” Adding, “Runyan and the 3rd District are a good reminder of the consequences of presidential failure. Seemingly safe districts come into play. And individuals who might be otherwise engaged…suddenly become formidable candidates.”

The piece directly contrasts the “the Harvard-educated, Cherry Hill lawyer” Adler who “spent 20 years climbing the ladder of South Jersey politics,” with Runyan’s “no-nonsense, lunch-pail approach”:

As important as what Runyan is, however, is what he isn’t. He isn’t tied to any Republican legacy. He isn’t a polished political product. And he isn’t a career pol who’s spent his adult life angling for a gig in Washington.

Quoted in the article is‘s Matt Friedman who, while warning not to underestimate the freshman Democrat, sums up this race best:

“…[Adler]’s in trouble. He’s definitely in trouble.”

You can read the full article here.

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  1. March 4, 2010 12:08 pm

    I was pleased that Jon Runyon chose Camden County Lincoln Day Dinner to make his debut and what a debut it was. He was not afraid to make his first appearance in Adler’s home turf. He met people at the door. He seems to be a humble person with a humble background. He understands the need of the working people. He did not come off as a typical spoiled football star. He came off staightforward and honest. Adler had better be concerned. Not only is his record for his first term terrible, but look at his past as a state senator. There isn’t a tax increase that he didn’t vote for. Jon Runyon knows what is like to live on a budget and I think that he will bring his experience as a son of manufacturer worker to Washington and help get this economy back on track. I am honered to have met the man. Not because of his accomplishments on the field, but off the field. His involvement with the youth shows that he cares about his community and will be a valuable asset when he goes to Washington.

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