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Does Dave Mayer Lobby with a Blackberry, or Just Try to Run a Town with One?

March 4, 2010

The Southern New Jersey Development Council recently published its 2010 Board of Trustees list.

Interestingly, it denotes the affiliation of the Mayor of Gloucester Township – one of the largest municipalities in the region – not as the executive of the town in which he was elected to serve as full-time mayor, but, rather, under the umbrella of the monopolistic media corporation to which he devotes his real time, energy and attention.

Lest anyone wonder where Mayor Blackberry’s loyalties lie (hint:  it’s not to the residents of GT)…

If you look a little closer at the image above (as an astute reader pointed out to us), also on the list of trustees is Mayor Blackberry’s law firm (Long & Marmero, formerly Long, Mermero & Mayer).  I guess someone is no longer a partner.  But that doesn’t mean lawyers, lobbyists and hobbyist politicians can’t enjoy the spoils of the region together.


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