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Runyan Receives Unanimous Ocean County Republican Committee Endorsement

March 6, 2010

The Runyan for Congress campaign put out the following announcement today…

Former Philadelphia Eagle Jon Runyan (R-Mount Laurel) received the unanimous endorsement of the powerful Ocean County Republican Organization this morning. After winning the endorsement, Runyan addressed the crowd of more than 200 party faithful. Here is Jon’s official statement on the endorsement:

“To receive the unanimous endorsement of the Ocean County Republican Party is a tremendous honor. I plan to reward their faith in me by being the hardest working congressional candidate in the country,” said Runyan “Make no mistake, I am in this race to win. And we are going to win because Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike are tired of professional politicians like John Adler taxing, spending and borrowing our state and country into bankrputcy. John Adler and Nancy Pelosi think bigger government is the answer to our problems. They are wrong. The only way to create jobs and get our economy moving again is to put money back into people’s pockets and get government off their backs, and that’s what I plan to do in Congress.”

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