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For John Adler, Self-Preservation Trumps Personal Conviction; Even Dems See Through Freshman Congressman’s Phoniness

March 8, 2010

John Adler

Since John Adler can’t seem to come to grips with who he is, or make up his mind on health care, maybe I can help.  Unlike him, I don’t have to wait for a public opinion poll to say what I really believe. 

When running for Congress in 2008, John Adler couldn’t cozy up close enough with liberal darling, then-US Sen. Barack Obama.  In fact, in May of 2007, then-State Sen. John Adler became the first elected official in New Jersey to endorse Obama.

Just a few short months ago, Adler told the Philadelphia Jewish Voice:

I was the first elected official in New Jersey to endorse Obama’s Presidential campaign. I believed at the time and I believe now that he was the most likely person to help us bridge the partisan divide that has hurt us in policy making for the last couple of decades.

Today, in a political atmosphere very different than that of two years ago (or even a few months ago), with President Obama quickly carving his place in history as one of the least popular men to hold the office, Rep. Adler is quick to toss his one-time beacon of hope under the proverbial bus. The issues, the agenda and the ideology that Adler hung his hat on less than two years ago, the same one that he built his reputation on in Trenton, are the same ones that will be his undoing in Washington. As such, John Adler is pretending to “stand up” to the President on many of the key planks of the Obama/Pelosi/Rahm agenda, namely the highly unpopular Health Care bill.

(Is it standing up to something if most American’s despise it?)

Really, as echoed today on his appearance on Fox News Sunday, Adler simply wants to buy his time, hedge his bets and resist having to take a firm stance on the issue. Heavens forbid he showed a backbone.

We see Adler caught in a political whirlwind. Does John Adler believe voters are really stupid enough to think he made an ideological 180 at 50 years old? Barack Obama hasn’t changed. He is who we thought he was. If John Adler will stab his allies – including the President of the United States – in the back to save his own skin, one can only fear how he’d quickly he’d betray John and Jane Doe in Cherry Hill if it meant prolonging his stay in the Beltway to pad his Wall Street friends’ wallets and God knows whose else.

Even commentators on the most “progressive” of New Jersey political sites, Blue Jersey, see right through Adler’s disingenuous posturing:

What do I need this guy in Congress for if he is not going to vote Yes on an issue as basic as Health care reform?…

Do I owe Adler something? Has he done something in the past that warrants a “pass” on this. The answer is a clear NO.

I volunteered to get this guy elected. I had no qualms at all about doing so, because he was great in the State Senate. And I’m usually sympathetic to the idea that the first vote to elect the Speaker is the most important. But not sure if I’ll be able to muster the enthusiasm to help him out this fall.

Adler may think he’s protecting his seat in a Confederate district. Bad calculation John.

Given the choice between a fake Republican and a real one, the vote goes with the real one every time.

Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything…

If Alder is a NO on healthcare he’ll see his erstwhile margins in Willingboro and Cherry Hill go down the tubes.

If he doesn’t rack up big wins in those towns he loses. Period.

Truly, John Adler’s real interests lie with no one but John Adler.

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