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Honesty Remains a Problem in Cherry Hill.

March 10, 2010

Yesterday, Cherry Hill’s former director of Department of Code Enforcement and Inspections, Anthony Saccomanno, was sentenced to 22 months in prison for corruption.  Obviously Saccamano had a problem with being honest.  As reported by the Courier Post, United States District Court Judge Renee Marie Bumb sentenced Saccamano and said,   

“The citizens of Cherry Hill had put their trust in Mr. Saccomanno to perform his duties not just competently, but honestly. When he betrayed their trust by taking bribes, he left the township of Cherry Hill and its citizens skeptical there could ever be any such thing as an honest government.”  

Dan Keashen

Unfortunately, this is not Cherry Hill’s most recent struggle with Honesty.  You may recall Dan Keashen had a similar struggle with being honest.  Richard Ambrosino and the Cherry Hill Republicans called for the termination of Mr Keashen.  We reported Cherry Hill’s Mayor, Bernie Platt, said, 

 “We have discussed this issue in great detail. I have decided he deserves an opportunity to redeem himself.” 

It makes you wonder if Platt believes Saccamano “deserves an opportunity to redeem himself.” Given all of the honesty issues surrounding Cherry Hill employees shouldn’t Mayor Platt reconsider his decision about Keashen?  Unfortunately, Platt’s solution is to pursue Saccomanno for $368,260 in salary and benefits he was paid after he committed his crimes.  Platt said, 

 “I believe that this former public servant still owes the taxpayers of Cherry Hill and from this point forward the Township will pursue all avenues of restitution so our residents are made whole,” 

Platt offers no soultion on how to make the tax payers whole  with regard to Keashen. Many people have already signed our e-petition calling for the resignation of Dan Keashen.  You can read their comments by clicking here and you can sign the petition and add you own comments by clicking here.

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