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Stew Bolno: Our President’s Priorities

March 10, 2010

Pennsauken resident Stew Bolno passed along the following views on our President’s misplaced priorities on the economy and homeland security.  One must wonder where our own Rob Andrews – Obama’s anointed mouthpiece on health care – stands on some of these points.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Barack Obama is highly responsible for huge additions to our deficit and debt. The result of his economic policies is not stimulative, nor do they achieve his goal of less than 8% unemployment. He seems not to know, nor care, what makes capitalism thrive.

Our President’s strategy of outreach to tyrants in Iran, Russia, and South America has yielded nothing of usefulness, in regard to defending America. He has upset our former allies such as Colombia and Poland. These decisions demonstrate his naivete’.

His willingness to close Gitmo and to try KSM in Manhattan, were made without any forethought to reasonable next step questions. This illustrates his lack of executive experience.

He opts to overwhelm the voice of the people and to revolutionize one of the most effective health care research and delivery systems in the world. To achieve this goal he is willing to cut all types of back room deals. It appears that he is more political hack, than purveyor of hope.

The position of President reveals the soul of anyone who inhabits it. What we have here and now, is a man with a plan as opposed to a leader with wisdom.

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