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For John Adler & Camden County Dems, Cash is King

March 11, 2010

Today, the NRCC pointed out that President Obama, in an effort to save his fledgling health care bill, offered to line candidate war chests and asked, “Will John Adler cave for Obama’s campaign cash?”

With all due respect to our friends at the NRCC, the Camden County Democrat Machine that groomed John Adler through the ranks to be one of its own, only knows one ruler. In Camden County Democrat politics, cash is king.

It’s only a matter of time before John Adler takes the President up on the offer.

From the NRCC:

As President Barack Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi make their last-ditch effort to force an unpopular healthcare bill through Congress, they’re leaning hard on John Adler to deliver a ‘yes’ vote – even though he knows better. In exchange for a potentially career-ending vote in favor of the Democrats’ healthcare debacle, the White House is promising to fill Adler’s campaign account.

“At the same time, Obama intends to lobby wavering House Democrats to vote for a Senate version of the legislation and to support the subsequent reconciliation process… Among the rewards Obama is ready to offer, White House officials said, are election-year visits to competitive congressional districts, where a presidential appearance can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds.” (Scott Wilson, “In St. Louis Area, Obama Pounds Drum for Health-Care Initiative,” Washington Post, 3/11/10)

Will Adler take the bait? Not if he knows what’s good for him. According to recent polling from swing Democrat districts, Americans have already rejected the Democrats’ healthcare agenda – and they’re ready to send a message to Adler on Election Day. In fact, 57 percent of voters in Adler’s district oppose the Democrat healthcare bill and 90 percent of voters say that the issue will affect the way they vote:

“The polls, which were paid for by StartOver!, a group aimed at urging the Administration to, um, start over on health care, were conducted by Dave Sackett of the Tarrance Group in Arizona’s 8th, Colorado’s 4th, Indiana’s 9th, New Jersey’s 3rd, Ohio’s 1st, Ohio’s 16th, Nevada’s 3rd, New York’s 13th, New York’s 24th, Pennsylvania’s 4th and Pennsylvania’s 10th.”

“The polling also suggested that the coming vote on health care could be critical to each of the members’ reelection prospects; in seven of the 11 districts, more than four in ten voters said that how their member voted would be ‘extremely important’ in determining their vote this fall.” (Chris Cillizza, Washington Post, 3/10/2010)

“If John Adler is fooled by the President’s empty promises, he might as well pack up his office and start looking for a new job now,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Americans have repeatedly rejected the Democrats’ runaway healthcare agenda, but Adler continues to send the signal to voters that he’s simply not listening. If Adler takes the bait and helps Democrats sneak this bill through Congress, he should brace himself for impact on Election Day.”

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  1. Beth permalink
    March 14, 2010 11:38 pm

    The Camden County Democratic party is in for a rude awakening. They may have held Freeholder seats since the 90’s, but there is a Republican team that is going to have voters from all political parties — Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Swing Voters, and especially tea party activists — watching them and saying, “Where did these people come from, especially the man with the well-known last name”? To the incumbents in Camden County: Get your resumes ready because on November 2 you are getting a change of address.

  2. Jessica permalink
    October 9, 2010 8:30 pm

    John Adler and the rest of these DEMONCRAT have to Go. Greedy, arrogant, selfish Norcross Puppets

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