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Runyan to Host Campaign Kickoff

March 11, 2010

Jon Runyan will hold a campaign kick-off rally to formally launch his bid for Congress in New Jersey’s 3rd District on Thursday, March 18.  The event will be held at 7:00pm in the Westin Hotel, 555 Fellowship Road (near the intersection with Route 73) in Mount Laurel.

Said Runyan:

“The professional politicians created the problems our country and state are facing and we can’t trust them to fix it.  I will proudly run this race as a fiscal conservative who believes America’s greatness lies not with its government, but with its people.  Reckless government spending won’t create jobs and revitalize our economy, putting money back into the pockets of hardworking Americans will.  As a Congressman, I will make it happen.”

A media advisory put out by his campaign noted that “Runyan said he was eager to show voters that his opponent, John Adler, is not the moderate he claims to be, but instead a classic tax and spend, big government insider whose 20-year career of voting for higher taxes and more spending have helped to cause the economic problems we are facing in New Jersey and across the country.”


“John Adler voted with Jon Corzine to tax, spend and borrow New Jersey to the brink of bankruptcy and then he went to Washington, DC and cast his very first vote in the House to elect Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  He followed that with votes for the largest spending increase in history courtesy of a $1 trillion failed stimulus bill that cost us jobs, and the single largest tax increase in history with cap and trade.  ‘John Adler the moderate’ is a myth, and I’m going to debunk it.”

On Tuesday, March 16, the Cherry Hill Republican Committee will host a Q&A session with Runyan and fellow NJ3 candidate Joe Rullo .

To submit a question for consideration by the event’s moderators, simply click here and and fill out the form.

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