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Could the Health Care Debate get any Hotter?

March 14, 2010

Rob Andrews: Obama Care Supporter

In South Jersey the health care debate could not any more heated.  Congressman Frank LoBiondo has been outspoken about his opposition to the proposed health care bill.  On the other hand, Rob Andrews, cannot profess enough of his love for the Pelosi supported Obamacare. 

That leaves John Adler, who was proud to tell everyone he voted against the first heath care bill in the House of Represenatives .  Now when it matters John Adler isn’t sure how he will vote.  He now says he can’t support a bill without cost containment. Exactly what does that mean? 

Just look at the video clip below from Fox News Sunday.

Seems to me Adler is suggesting he will vote for the president’s heath care bill because it “contains costs”.  We will know soon enough!

In Massachusetts, Scott Brown was elected to replace Ted Kennedy and that dealt a symbolic blow to Obamacare.  Unfortunately, for Democrats like John Adler and Rob Andrews, Scott Brown is more than a symbolic defeat. Brown is polished, bright and articulate and has masterfully laid out why the president’s health care plan is bad for everyone in our country.  Below is Scott Brown delivering the Weekly Republican Address.

You can read the full text of Scott Brown’s speech by clicking here.

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