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CP Letter to the Editor on GT Mayor Dave Mayer: “Not a member”

March 15, 2010

Today, the Courier Post ran a letter to the editor from Blackwood planning board member  Dennis Palmer on Dave Mayer’s decision to refuse a seat on the board and instead send “mayor’s representative.”

Our township has had a long history from Mayor Ann Mullen to Mayor Cindy Rau-Hatton of the mayor serving and being an active member of the planning board. This brings the highest-elected and administrative official to the planning board and helps the town to have a cohesive planning program.

What does Mayer do? He will not be a member of this board. He has chosen to send a “mayor’s representative” because he thinks if he tries to bring ratables there may be a conflict of interest.

Palmer also pointed out the larger issue, which is the fact that Mayer has chosen to keep his full time lobbying job, while collecting the $50,000 salary that is allotted to the Township’s Mayor…presumably under the assumption that the position warrants the officials full-time attention, and as such justifying the annual salary:

There can be no conflict of interest if he does the job he was elected to do — that is to serve the people of Gloucester Township. His conflict of interest is serving his own needs, not showing up and collecting $50,000 of taxpayer money ($200,000 over four years), e-mailing his mayoral duties via his BlackBerry and now abdicating his duty and responsibilities as a member of the planning board.

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