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Dave Mayer, GT Council Lack Backbone

March 15, 2010

When Dave Mayer first announced that he would be running for Mayor of Gloucester Township, he campaigned that he wanted to model GT after Cherry Hill.  Little did we realize then that he meant “govern with dishonesty.”

In typical spineless Mayer fashion, the blackberry-enabled full-time lobbyist who moonlights as the Township’s mayor, refuses to accept any responsibility for his raising taxes from from 15.2 cents to 23.5 cents, “an average increase to homeowners of more than $250 per year.”  Instead, Mayor Blackberry blames “the previous administration” for “under-budgeting.”

The same David Mayer whose campaign website still boasts that “I will control government spending, get rid of waste and political patronage, and make sure that our government does more with less,” is the same Dave Mayer who in four short years in Trenton before oversaw $1.9 billion in Jon Corzine’s tax increases.

Mayer did nothing to stand up to Jon Corzine, now he’s refusing to stand up for GT residents.  Instead, at a time when Governor Chris Christie is making tough decisions, fighting to fix the budget crisis Mayer helped create, and calling for mayors cut municipal spending, Dave Mayer is doing what he’s always done…opting to take the easy way out.

The reality is that Mayor Cindy Rau-Hatton did not under budget but, rather, knew we could not – should not – spend more than we have. She raised taxes a minimal amount (less then half of the Mayor tax increase) and only for essential services.

Ominously silent on the pending increase is the all-Democrat GT council. When Mayor Rau-Hatton proposed eliminating programs, including ones losing 6 figures, they put them back in. They did not take advantage of potential new sources of revenue (including solar, wash bay and brush grinding that we could allow other municipalities to share and pay). Now as they face what could be the Township’s largest tax increase ever, they continue to sit silently and idly, save deflecting responsibility.

If Mayor Mayer spent as much time working on behalf of Gloucester Township residents as he does lobbying on behalf of Comcast, he might be able to come up with better, more sensible ways to run the Township…or at the very least, better excuses for his failures.

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  1. Joe permalink
    March 28, 2010 4:13 pm

    Dave Mayer is nothing more than Part of the Political Machine. He is Devils Advocate in the flesh. Don’t trust this guy. Smooth, smile, Cool, Reserved and DANGEROUS

  2. Theresa Land-Fitzpatrick permalink
    June 23, 2010 2:47 pm

    I was born and raised in Cherry Hill. I raised my children in Gloucester Township. It is a great town full of proud hard working people of all socio-economic backgrounds. I always thought we had a full time mayor (car included). Did that change? If so, does he still utilize the township car? Secondly, he obviously has not done such a great job for Comcast since they have had to change their name in order to try to compete with Fios. The only honest thing about running Gloucester Township like Cherry Hill is that he is raising taxes and is not there full time. Mayor Platt spends every winter in Florida, while so many residents are moving out because of the constant increases. So yes, he is running Gloucester Township like Cherry Hill. He is raising taxes and not working full time. Not something I would be proud to brag about. I hope that the voters bring back real leadership by bringing back fiscal conservatives who know how to make realistic budgets and cut spending wherever possible instead of the famous family tree known as town hall. Even their own people could not work with them anymore and left the party they grew up with because of the damage they could see being done. My advise to the mayor, is put the blackberry down and learn how to use the minus sign on a calculator.


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