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Statement on Governor Chris Christie’s FY2011 Budget Speech

March 16, 2010

Christie Delivers his Inaugural Address at the Trenton War Memorial, January 19, 2010

This afternoon, before a joint session of the legislature, Governor Chris Christie outlined for Garden State residents “a $29.3 billion state budget that fundamentally alters spending habits while preserving core services and social safety nets and advancing fiscal reforms to put New Jersey back on the path to prosperity.”

From the Office of the Governor:

Chief among the Governor’s proposed reforms – to shield taxpayers from excessive local spending and tax increases – is a constitutional amendment to impose hard caps of 2.5 percent on municipal, county and school district property tax increases. Combined with other reforms, including those planned for public employee pension and health benefits, Governor Christie is providing municipalities and school districts a tool kit of reforms to control spending and property taxes.

Camden County GOP Chairman Rick DeMichele offered the following statement:

“The critics attacking the Governor’s plan, including Camden County’s Lou Greenwald, are the same individuals who helped create the fiscal nightmare we now face.  These are the same  individuals whose failed leadership has lead New Jersey into one of the highest budget deficits in the country.

The Governor has laid out a firm plan to do what he was elected to do:  systematically reform the way things are done in Trenton.  By prioritizing our state’s needs, controlling spending and cutting waste, Governor Christie has made the same tough decisions that families across Camden County and New Jersey are faced with each day – acting responsibly and within their means.”

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  1. March 16, 2010 3:25 pm

    Pushing Against the Tide of the Past

    Similar to a highly skillful sumo wrestler, Governor Christie is planting his feet on the ground and asserting his big shoulders against the opposition pushing against him.

    Don’t put anything past this man. He is giving many of us every confidence that he is willing to grapple, push, and toss over those who have helped to get us into the financial mess that we call the State of New Jersey.

    Let’s sign on to his program, root for our success, and be the fans in the stands.

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