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The Hypocracy of Budget Critics

March 18, 2010

Governor Chris Christie

Tuesday, Governor Chris Christie delivered a very painful budget address to the legislature and the people of New Jersey.  Among the items listed in the address, the Governor outlined cuts to school aid, higher education, municipalities and basically every agency in the state.  Also included was the temporary suspension of the popular ponzie scheme know as “Property Tax Rebates” where the state government overtaxes it’s populace and then is nice enough to give us some of our hard earned money back.

The reaction to the budget by many of the Governor’s critics has been predictable.  “It’s an assault on the middle class and lower class of this state,” said Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Cryan, D-Union.   Assembly Budget Chair Lou Greenwald, D – Cherry posted this quote on his website:  “Promising not to raise taxes, then proposing a budget that will bring property tax increases and other new taxes, does nothing more than burden the middle-class and expose the poor already struggling to make ends meet.”

See a common theme here.   Since when has people like Lou Greenwald and Joe Cryan looked out for or cared about the Middle Class?  While they kept raising taxes at a rate that has made the citizens of New Jersey the highest taxed in the country?  While they kept spending in Trenton as if they had a no limit credit card and could use it at the no limit tables in Atlantic City?    And as for their reaction to the property tax proposals, their out of control spending for more than the past decade is what caused the need for a “rebate” to begin with, when they should have stopped spending and taken action to stop the need for a rebate to begin with.

Another attack was made by Assemblywomen Pam Lampett who posted this on her website:  “We’ve heard quite a bit from Gov. Christie about his commitment to higher education, yet today he pulled the rug out from under higher ed.”

Again, since when has Pam actually cared about the State University system.   Since she has been in office, Governor Corzine steadily defunded State Universities at a growing rate each and every budget year.  New Jersey ranks last of the 50 states in funding to their State Universities, something that didn’t happen overnight, but all of a sudden Pam actually cares about the Universities.  I don’t think so Pam.
The reality is all of these are nothing but week political punches that these people are throwing because they feel a need to stand against the Governor who is starting to end the politics as usual that has put the state into such a dire situation that the Governor’s drastic cuts are needed.  Their comments stink of hypocrisy that is known by the people of the state who elected Chris Christie to do just what he is doing.  So to our elected hypocrites I say this, be part of the solution or resign.  You’ve done enough damage to our State.

That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

Marc Fleischner

Berlin Boro

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  1. March 18, 2010 11:00 am

    So true. You hit the nail on the head. It’s about time that those who have caused the problem vacate their offices and let people who want to fix the State have the chance to do it. Well said.

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