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Glading’s Statement on Universal Health Care

March 22, 2010


Republican Congressional Hopeful Dale Glading (Photo: Noah Addis/The Star Ledger)

From Dale Glading:


Dear Friend and Fellow American:
Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Senate healthcare bill, virtually guaranteeing that it will become law as soon as Tuesday when President Obama is expected to sign it.  Whereas some are celebrating it as a great legislative achievement, I believe that history will remember it as a tragic date when our country started down the road to Socialism and perhaps, the beginning of the end of the American dream.
I strongly oppose President Obama’s plans to nationalize yet another part of the U.S. economy.  First, it was the financial sector and then the auto industry.  Now it is student loans (yes, the Democrats managed to sneak that into the healthcare bill to artificially reduce its costs); and America’s healthcare system, itself.
For the first time in our country’s history, Americans will be forced to purchase a private service from government-approved companies (or from the federal government itself)…or be fined and/or imprisoned.  This is not the America I was born into and it is not the America I want to leave to my children and grandchildren.
As you are probably aware, after accomplishing virtually nothing during his first 20 years in Congress, Rep. Rob Andrews was one of the chief architects of President Obama’s hostile takeover of our healthcare system.  Turning a deaf ear to the voices of his constituents, Rob Andrews has violated their trust for the last time.  He must be defeated this November!
But in order for us to win, we need to get the word out about our grassroots campaign…and that starts with you.   

By April 15th, we are required to file a report with the Federal Election Commission, declaring the amount of money we have raised during the first three months of this year.  To be perfectly frank, if we are not able to report at least $10,000 in total contributions, the media will dismiss our campaign and Rob Andrews will return to Washington for an 11th term to do even more damage to the American way of life.

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  1. Cosmo permalink
    March 22, 2010 12:32 pm

    Dear Dale, I am interested in helping out, Phone calls or whatever. Thanks, Cosmo 609-636-9157

    • Cosmo permalink
      March 22, 2010 12:33 pm

      Dear Dale, I am interested in helping out. Please call me.

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