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Community Editorial Board Members Speak Out!

March 23, 2010

Chris Christie


Christie’s proposed budget continues to be a frequent topic of discussion at water coolers, coffee houses and kitchen tables across Camden County.  Members the Courier Post’s Community Editorial Board shared their opinions about Chris Christie’s proposed Budget.  Below are some of the responses from Camden County members: 

STEW BOLNO of Pennsauken: Similar to highly skillful sumo wrestler, Gov. Chris Christie is planting his feet on the ground and asserting his big shoulders against the opponents pushing against him and us. 

Don’t put anything past this man. He is giving many of us every confidence that he is willing to grapple with, push against, and toss over those who have helped to get us into the financial mess, that we call the state of New Jersey. 

Those of us who wish to defeat the gluttonous and selfish opponents need to applaud our warrior, cheer him on, and be his fans in the stands. 

TOM YARNALL of Cherry Hill: Gov. Chris Christie is making legitimate requests. I will lose my rebate for a year, but I will have to share in the sacrifice. Many of the legislators, like Assemblyman Louis Greenwald, are making specious comments and causing a lot of confusion. The NJEA president was on NJN Sunday, and her remarks were trite protestations. She needs to have a reality check. The hyperbole and exaggeration about what they have sacrificed is unacceptable. 

The governor’s focus on controlling spending is proper, but the school districts seem to be rejecting any cooperation with their position on health-care premiums and salary increases. There is something ingenuous about their recent comments. To couch everything in terms of damage to the children is not the truth. 

MARY CORTES of Camden: Through the eyes of an entrepreneur and single-parent to six honor and professional students, Gov. Chris Christie is doing what is harshly a “reality” move. A business cannot survive if there is no control and a reasonable sacrifice. He has to cut down here and there. He must exclude “meat from the table” until the budget heals better. 


DONNA CONNELLY of Runnemede: The people, who elected Gov. Chris Christie to bring us back to reality by stopping the incessant spending that has made it almost impossible for many to afford living here, want results. Well, it looks like the governor is taking the hard path to getting results. The budget he presented has a lot of pain, but this time spread to everyone and that is the way it needs to be. 

There are so many special interests that if he were to avoid stepping on toes, there would be no cuts at all. I for one, hope he doesn’t cave under the political pressure that will be surely thrust upon him. I hope he has the courage to follow through and know that most of the people are behind him. 

MIKE THOMAS of Haddon Heights: Hooray for Christie and his new budget cuts. This state will collapse with its overspending unchecked. With the current economic situation, we all must make sacrifices. The state’s bloated payroll needs trimming. Cutting the budget is only the first step. The real problem here is the sheer number of state employees and their benefit and pension packages. We just can’t collect enough taxes to cover it. Over 90 percent of all taxes collected last year went toward these issues. Our schools have to become more efficient. Over 50 percent of my property taxes benefit school systems. I have no children, yet I pay as much as the students’ parents. 

MARY RENZI of Pennsauken: Gov. Chris Christie announced his first steps to improve New Jersey’s budget crisis. It was a good first step applauded by the majority and criticized by those who were targeted to feel the pinch. I don’t think we will know until tomorrow if the cuts prove beneficial. Time will tell if the state layoffs come from the top of the administrative staff, where they need to come from, and what the governor has planned to create jobs and help New Jersey’s economic growth. 

ZAHARATI MORFESIS of Haddon Township: How do I begin to comment on the proposed budget of Gov. Chris Christie? Is there ever a year when the state has money?  Who has the money? 

Regardless of a recession, depression, I have never remembered a time when there were not threats and lamentations in regards to the state of our budget. I testified in 2006 at a public hearing in Collingswood for higher education, and Assemblyman Louis Greenwald, D-Camden, questioned the validity of my passion because one day I would be getting a pension from Rutgers University. I wonder what his pension will be like? 

The house of cards is starting to fall and not only in New Jersey. The kings and queens will soon be living side by side with the peasants. It’s about time for them to see the other side of the wall. It’s just a shame that those who suffer the most are the ones who are already vulnerable and underserved. 

To read all the responses from the Courier Post’s Community Editorial Board click here.

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  1. April 15, 2010 2:08 pm


    Can you tell me if there are any Republicans running for the Regional or Local Board of Education in Stratford, NJ?

    Can you please tell me what the $6.9 million and $5.8 million for Regional and Local General Funds are intended to do for Stratford? Is this a way to bypass the cuts in the education budget by the Governor? If it is I find it highly objectionable. Where will they get these general funds; by raising local property taxes? This would be very difficult for a person who is disabled and on Social Security disability with a fixed income with no adjustments for the increase in costs for fuel, gas and electric.]

    Thank you,
    Stephen Duff

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