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Property Taxes are Not High Enough: Greenwald Wants New Local Taxes

March 28, 2010

Lou Greenwald


Lou Greenwald is just not happy unless he is spending endless amounts of tax payer money.  The Star Ledger reported, 

Assemblyman Lou Greenwald says allowing municipalities to tax assets like retail goods or beach tags would help them maintain services without raising taxes more than 2.5 percent, a cap proposed by Christie. 

Greenwald is in favor of allowing your town government  to levy an additional sales and income tax.  The sales tax would apply to goods purchased in the municipality and would be on top of the 7% state sales tax.  A mere 3% local sales tax would result in a 10% sales tax at the cash register.  Can you imagine a 10% sales tax and what that would do to retail and small businesses in New Jersey?  


What the Assemblyman does not seem to understand a tax is a tax is a tax.  No matter what type of tax it is it must pe paid from the peoples’ earnings.  The reason New Jersey Municipalities have a statutory imposed cap on increasing municipal taxes is to force them to live within their means.  Instead of dreaming up new was to tax New Jersey residents even more maybe he should ponder ways to cut government spending.  You may recall Lou Greenwald was oh so quick to call a budget committee hearing to take testimony on our fiscal crisis.  Lou’s hyped hearing was over a month ago and still not one proposed budget cut, not a single idea on how to reduce spending, and certainly no ideas on how to help South Jersey’s struggling middle class


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