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Tips For Discussing the New Health Care Law

March 31, 2010

Barack Obama

Those of us on the Republican side of the fence have a right to feel a bit downtrodden at this time. The liberal left has been successful in creating another mass entitlement that will force more people to become dependent on the whims of the government.

Clearly, the resistance to this health care fiasco will continue. The citizens are aligned against it. There weren’t even any RINOs in support of the Bills passage. There will be huge and growing frustration as new government bureaucracy attempts to create an effective structure of service.
Don’t waste time arguing with those of the political left. Neither of you will have a change of opinion. The conversation will raise negative feelings.

In discussions with independents voters, try to avoid the type of emotion that often crops when speaking about political issues. Your persuasion potential will be increased if you ask any of the questions below. Following this plan you will keep your own passions under control and raise doubts in the mind of the other person.


• Why do you think that there are special clauses to enable Washington politicians and their staffs to maintain their current plans rather than signing on to the new system?

• Since there is no right to health care in the constitution, what are some downsides of adding this new entitlement?

• We all know that politicians failed at keeping Social Security and Medicare solvent, what makes you think that they will do any better with this more expensive, significantly more complex, and much larger program?

• Do you believe that the Health Care Bill, that requires over 2,500 pages, as the Health Care will be user friendly to people like you who currently have their own health insurance?

• What is the advantage of having a large Federal system control the plans as opposed to implementing programs in the states, such as Massachusetts did?

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