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Greenwald Rhetoric Belies Record

April 1, 2010

Corzine & Lou: Perfect Together

LD 6 Assemblyman Lou Greenwald has been big on words about Governor Christie’s proposed budget:

“Promising not to raise taxes…does nothing more than burden the middle-class and expose the poor already struggling to make ends meet.”

“Failing to responsibly fund the pension system he promised to fix does nothing but exacerbate its problems.”

“For local governments, schools and the state, cutting spending is clearly in order, and the Assembly Budget Committee will once again lead that charge.”

“But I also would like to see everyone – especially Gov. Christie – start focusing on finding ways to finally get off the horrible addiction to property taxes at the local level.”

Great sound bites, Lou.  But there is only one problem.  Mr. Greenwald has served in the Assembly since 1996.  By my math that’s 14 years.  He’s also served as Chairman of the Assembly Budget committee since 2002.  He also serves on the Appropriations committee and the Senate/Assembly Joint Budget Oversight Committee. In other words, Lou has had a lot of input into the financial status of the State over the past decade.   And what has happened in that time?

Now that Chris Christie is in the Governor’s office, Lou is worried about over-burdening the middle class.  Really?  Where was Lou when former Governor Corzine raised the sales tax from six to seven percent, an increase that was felt mostly by the middle class?

How about the pension system that Lou is concerned about?  Well, the state has failed to make any contribution to the pension system in 10 of the last 13 years.  Hm, Lou, weren’t you the Chair of the Budget committee for much of this time?  Oh yeah, I already mentioned that.  Meanwhile, Governor Christie is already taking action to help the solvency of the pension system and try to stop it from being the Ponzi scheme it has become.

And since when has the Assembly Budget Committee lead the charge to cut spending? The only cutting they’ve been doing is of checks to the ever increasing budget.

As far as getting the state off the “horrible addiction to property taxes,” I think Mr. Greenwald really needs an intervention so that he understands that he was the dealer that fed that addiction for the past decade.  (And that’s an analogy.  Lou isn’t really a drug dealer, he’s a politician).

Lou’s record really puts to light what he is trying to accomplish today, which is to keep New Jersey on the wrong, business as usual, let’s help our connected friend’s path that the state has been on for too long.  The election of Chris Christie has showed that the people of the State are tired of the business as usual politics that Lou has been a part of for way too long.  I wonder if he’ll ever listen.  I know I’ve stopped listening to him.

That’s my opinion, I’m sticking to it.
Marc Fleischner
Berlin Boro
(All quotes were taken directly from Lou Greenwald’s website)

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  1. April 2, 2010 7:53 am

    Right on Marc. It’s unfortunate that the citizens of NJ have actually kept this guy in office. They all love to complain at the neighborhood gathering but refuse to take action. I for one am fed up with NJ and am hoping Christie continues on the path of “wake up NJ” because it’s long overdue!

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