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Camden County Constituents Come out to “Meet and Greet” the Candidates

April 9, 2010

Chris Leone-Zwillinger, George Zallie & Scot DeCristofaro

Last night at the Cherry Hill Library, the room was filled with Camden County constituents anxiously anticipating their chance to get to know congressional candidate, Jon Runyan (3rd), and freeholder candidates George Zallie, Scot DeCristofaro, and surrogate candidate, Chris Leone-Zwillinger.

From 6 to 9pm, the community room was a constant stream of people — signing petitions, shaking hands, from varying socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities, and talking about the issues that concern them the most — jobs, healthcare, and what is going on in the Garden State.

Obviously, congressional candidate Runyan was the main draw as he is armed and ready to take out John Adler who, even though he voted against healthcare reform, has been in lockstep with the Obama administration’s failed policies, especially the stimulus.

But for a breath of fresh air, the Camden County constituents also had a chance to meet the team of three who are going to make history in Camden County and see that conservative, common sense Republicans get elected freeholder and surrogate on November 2. The freeholder team of Zallie, DeCristofaro and Leone-Zwillinger attracted many positive comments, as well as an underlying passion and buzz of hope and optimism to improve the county and stop the political machine on election day.

As this is the year of the non-politician, candidate George Zallie, a businessman with over 40 years of successfully running the Zallie Shoprite Supermarkets, more than held his own. He had some long and factual conversations with constituents from Cherry Hill, Voorhees and Mt. Laurel regarding his running for office. He shared with them his concern that he just can’t sit back anymore and watch what is happening to his community, a place he has called home since 1990. He was honest when he said he has never run for office, but is not a quitter and will do whatever it takes to get Camden County back into the hands of common sense elected officials.

DeCristofaro and Zwillinger, who have run previously, bring political experience to the Camden County GOP Freeholder team. DeCristofaro had the amazing distinction of walking door-to-door (a must for any campaign) and knocking on 14,000 doors. Leone-Zwillinger has a legal background as a family law attorney. For the position of surrogate, it is most helpful if the candidate has a court and family background — and Chris definitely has it.

All I can say is for the uninitiated and political neophyte, fasten your seat belts. This campaign has barely started, and already there is a race to the finish line. And remember, that finish line starts and ends with you. We need your enthusiasm, your passion, and your commitment towards helping Camden Coutny get back to the great place it once was, and with your help, will be again. So be part of this history-making team of Runyan, and the freeholder team of Zallie, DeCristofaro and Leone-Zwillinger.

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